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KE- Burgmann

Pipe Expansion Joint Types / Product Codes

KE-Burgmann / EJS U.S. Bellows
Single Assembly ES (40010 to 40013) S
Universal Assembly ES (40030 to 40033) U
Low Pressure Single Assembly ES (40050 to 40060) S
Single Externally Pressurized ES (40071 to 40083) SX
Dual Externally Pressurized ES (40091 to 40103) XD
Single Exhaust ES (40110 to 40111) U

Part Code

KE-Burgmann / EJS’s part code is based upon the size, length, and number of convolutions on the pipe expansion joint. Please call us toll free, 1-800-787-5914, if you have any questions.

Pipe Expansion Joint Materials

KE-Burgmann / EJS U.S. Bellows
304 (ASTM A240‐304) M1 4
304L (ASTM A‐240‐304L) M1 4
316 (ASTM A‐240‐316) M2 16
316L (ASTM A‐240‐316L) M2 16
321 (ASTM A240‐321) M3 21
Alloy 600 (ASTM B168‐600) Alloy 600 60
Alloy 625 Gr.1 (ASTM B443‐625) Alloy 625 Gr.1 62
Alloy 625 LCF (ASTM B443‐625 LCF) Alloy 625 LCF 62
Alloy 800 (ASTM B409‐800) Alloy 800 80
Alloy 825 (ASTM B424‐825) Alloy 825 82


KE-Burgmann / EJS U.S. Bellows
Tie Rods TR T1
(T Followed by the Material Number)
Limit Rods LR T1
(T Followed by the Material Number)

Weld Type Ends

KE-Burgmann / EJS U.S. Bellows
Liners L L
Protective Covers and Shrouds C C
Vandstone Ends V F

NOTE: This cross reference is for application use only. Items may not be identical in shape or dimension. Check with U.S. Bellows if in doubt. For questions call Toll-free 1-800-787-5914