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Pathway to U.S Bellows Equivalency Chart

Pipe Expansion Joint Types

Pathway U.S. Bellows
Single CS S
single universal CSU U
single hinged CSH HIN_S
single gimbal CSG GIM_S
singe xflex CSX XS
singe tied CST S
double hinged DH HIN_D
double gimbal DG GIM_D
double xflex DX XD
Tied CT S or U
universal single CU U
universal gimbal CGU GIM_U
universal hinged CHU HIN_U
universal tied CTU U

Pipe Expansion Joint Materials

Pathway U.S. Bellows
304 M-1 4
304L M-2 4
316 M-3 16
316L M-4 16
321 M-5 21
Allow 400 (Monel) M-6 40
Alloy 600 M-7 60
Allow 625 GR. 1 M-12 62
Alloy 800 M-14 80
Alloy 825 M-15 82
Alloy 201 (Nickel) M-16 201
Allow C276 M-17 2205
Ziconium GR. 702 M-20 702
Alloy 800H M-21 80H

Flange Ends Materials

Pathway U.S. Bellows
Carbon Steel FF F01
304 stainless steel FF1 F04 – F04H – F04L
316 stainless steel FF3 F16 – F16H – F16L
321 stainless steel FF6 F21 – F21H – F21L
309 stainless steel F09
Inconel 600 FF7 F60
Inconel 625 FF12 F62
Inconel 800 FF14 F80
Inconel 825 FF15 F82
Duplex 2205 FF17 F2205

Weld Type Ends

Pathway U.S. Bellows
Weld to Weld WW W
Weld to Flange WF W or F
Weld to Van Stone WV W
Weld to Banded WB W
Flange to Weld FW F or W
Flange to Flange FF F
Flange to Van Stone FV F
Flange to Banded FB F
Van Stone to Weld VW W
Van Stone to Flange VF F
Van Stone to Van Stone VV F
Van Stone to Banded VB F
Banded to Weld BW W
Banded to Flange BF F
Banded to Van Stone BV F
Banded to Banded BB W

NOTE: This cross reference is for application use only. Items may not be identical in shape or dimension. Check with U.S. Bellows if in doubt. For questions call Toll-free 1-800-787-5914