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U.S Bellows Quick Turnaround Refurbishing Of Failed Bellows

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U.S Bellows receives 3 failed bellows from a petroleum plant in Louisiana

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U.S Bellows begins by removing the failed bellows. Followed by cleaning and removing of rust and debris by sand blasting and coating the carbon steel with a shop primer to prevent future rusting.

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U.S Bellows fabricated new bellows formed using Inconel-625 material. The bellows long seams welds were radiograph tested(RT). The bellows attachment welds to the floating head heat exchanger were Liquid penetrant examined, and the completed assemblies were air and soap leak tested.

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After completing the 100% X-rayed and air leak examination. The Bellows calculations done by our engineer and the refurbished expansion joint were all reviewed by an ASME Authorized inspector (AI) verifying compliance to ASME Section VIII design code and signed off on the ASME report.

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Once the units were completed U.S Bellows made shipping arrangements and the refurbished units were received at the jobsite within 2 hours after shipment.