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Tied Universal Expansion Joint for Service in an Acid Regeneration Plant

May 7, 2012

Universal Tied Expansion Joint, 48" Dia. and 141" OAL, for Service in an Acid Regeneration Plant

tied universal expansion joint was custom designed for service in an acid regeneration plant in Louisiana. It is 48″ in diameter, 141″ in overall length and designed for 1″ axial movement, 2-1/2″ lateral movement and .33° angular rotation. The expansion joint is fabricated with 310 stainless steel bellows, and 301 SS liner, duct, flanges, transition duct and covers. It was designed for 10 psig at 1150°F, and was dye penetrant examined, hydro-tested at 15 psig, and the bellows and pipe longitudinal weld seams were 100% x-rayed.