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Custom Single Expansion Joints for an Asphault Facility in Saudi Arabia

September 16, 2019

Usbellows single expansion joint 157836


 Type:  Single Expansion Joints
 Size:  19 11/16″ Long | 12″ Nominal Pipe Size
 Material:  316 Stainless Steel | Carbon Steel
 Design:  220°F Operating Temp. @ 75 psig | 0.6″ Axial & Lateral
 Testing:  100% Dye-Penetrant

U.S. Bellows custom designed these single expansion joints for an asphalt facility in Saudi Arabia. They are 19 11/16″ long and a nominal pipe size of 12″. The bellows and liners were fabricated from 316 stainless steel, with the flanges and tie rods from carbon steel. They are designed for an operating pressure of 75 psig at 220°F and 0.6″ axial compression and lateral deflection. The units were 100% dye-penetrant tested and hydro-tested prior to shipment.