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Universal Expansion Joints Designed for a Tank Farm

September 3, 2018


Type: Universal Expansion Joint
Size: 24″ Dia. x 48″ F-F | 20″ Dai. x 50″ F-F
Material:  Carbon Steel | 316 Stainless Steel
Design: Operating Temperature: 180°F
Pressure: 264 PSIG
Movement: 2.75″ Lateral Deflection
Testing: 100% Dye-penetrant tested, X-rayed, Hydro-tested

These universal expansion joints were designed by U.S. Bellows for a tank farm application in Saudi Arabia. 16 of the units were 24″ dia. x 48″ face-to-face and 8 of the units were 20″ dia. x 50″ face-to-face. The bellows were fabricated from 316 stainless steel with the rest of the components from carbon steel. They are designed for an operating pressure of 264 psig at 180°F with 2.75″ of lateral deflection. The units were 100% dye-penetrant tested, x-rayed and hydro-tested prior to shipment.