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11 Foot Diameter Hinged Expansion Joints Designed for Vacuum Service in an Air-Cooled Condenser Unit in New York

Hinged expansion joint 152499

Type: Single Hinged Expansion Joints
Size: 64″ length x 127″ diameter
Material: Carbon Steel and 304 Stainless Steel
Design Operating Temperature Range: -10°F to 121°F
Pressure: 15 PSIG
Movement: 0.6° of Angular Rotation
Testing: 100% Dye Penetrant Test | Vaccum tested at 28.5″ of Mercury | 100% X-Rayed.

U.S. Bellows custom designed Single Hinged Expansion Joints for vacuum service in high-velocity steam and condensate duct for an air-cooled condenser unit in New York. The bellows are fabricated from a 304 stainless steel. The weld-ends and hardware are fabricated from carbon steel. The units are 127″ in diameter and 64″ overall length. They are designed for an operating pressure at full vacuum to 15 psi at -10 to 121°F and 0.6° of angular rotation. The units were vacuum tested at 28.5″ of mercury, 100% dye-penetrant examined, and the bellows longitudinal seams were 100% X-rayed.