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Universal Expansion Joint with Oversized Bellows for a Crude Oil Line Application in Saudi Arabia

Usbellows universal expansion joint 148639

Type: Universal Expansion Joints
Size: 48″ Diameter | 77″ FTF
Material: 316 Stainless Steel | Carbon Steel
Design 150°F Operating Temp. @ 25 psig | 5.3″ Axial | 2″ Lateral
Testing: Hydro-tested @ 50 psig

U.S. Bellows custom designed this universal expansion joint for a crude oil line at an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia. This expansion joint was specially designed with oversized bellows to keep a smooth flow of oil along the line and avoid turbulence. The bellows were fabricated from a 316 stainless steel with all of the other components from carbon steel. The unit is 48″ in diameter and 77″ face-to-face. It is designed for an operating temperature of 150°F at 25 psig, 5.3″ of axial compression, and 2″ of lateral deflection. The unit was hydro-tested at 50 psig prior to shipment.