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What is an internal liner?

Internal liners are an expansion joint accessory used to protect the convolutions from direct flow impingement, which can cause erosion and flow-induced vibration. They are recommended to extend the life of metallic expansion joints.

Accessories internal liner
Internal Liner on a Metallic Expansion Joint
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What is meant by pantographic linkage?

Pantographic linkage is an accessory that is used to distribute axial movement between two bellows, allow lateral motion and support the weight of the center pipe section between the bellows.

Olympus digital camera
Expansion Joint with Pantographic Linkage
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What is the purpose of tie rods on an expansion joint?

The function of tie rods on an expansion joint is to continuously restrain the full pressure thrust during normal operation while permitting only lateral deflection. Angular rotation can be accommodated only if two tie rods are used and located 90 degrees opposed to the direction of rotation.

20″ Diameter Tied Universal Expansion Joint
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