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Tension Systems

Bellows Expansion Joint: Pressure Loads, Anchors & Guides



Intermediate Anchors,
Pipe Guides and Pipe Buckling 

In some cases, a straight line system of axial bellows anchors and guides is not practical or desired; or there is no reasonable way or place to anchor the bellows thrust loads. In such cases, self-restrained bellows assemblies may be used, such as the double hinge restrained bellows shown below. Thermal expansion (or contraction) in the long pipe is absorbed by an offset deflection of the double hinge assembly.

Bellows thrust load is carried by hinge bars, gimbals, tie rods or other such devices; hence normal tension is maintained in the pipe system and main anchors and full lateral restraint guides are unnecessary. See Reference 1 for more information.

Reference2: W. Flügge, “Stresses in Shells”, p 434-436, Springer-Verlag, Berlin/Göttingen/Heidelberg, 1962